Natural stone patio using Sunrise Sandstone

The most essential element of a new patio is not always about the type of stone, for this blog lets think about the colour and texture. The house for this project was built from old red stocks dating back to approx 1880 so I thought it best to have a subtle contrast with the house. The client liked this approach and went with it!

We removed the old patio, dug down to a depth of 180mm – well at least the digger did. Once the client had signed off the exact shape, in came the type 1 MOT sub-base. We have a massive whacker plate, it weighs 85Kgs and is easily a two man lift….so patio whacked and the mortar was mixed.

I don’t usually add chemicals to the mortar but when it’s warm I allow a minute amount of Feb, mortar plasticiser, this allows for better consistency and usability of the mortar.

The backs of the natural stone paving is coated with a 50:50 mix of SBR and Water. Due to to the extreme porosity of Sandstone the SBR prevents surface mortar staining and assists the adhesion of the mortar to the underneath of the slab. Of couse we don’t dot and dab, only a FULL bed of mortar is used these days, well it should be anyway!

Once the Patio has been carefully laid, to include falls to assit water away from the house,we insist upon sealing the stones. The enhances the natural colours and prevents any unsightly redwine stains whilst you celebrate your new patio.

The Latest technique for pointing has moved away from the more traditional form of using mortar, instead we use a polymer/resin based naturally coloured product, this prevents colour changing due to UV, won’t ship or crack and can get jet washed for years after…..

The pointing was a good choice by the client, they wanted to try and match the mortar of the house and the NCC Streetscape Gftk 850 sand was a great colour to use.

If you have any questions on types of stone, sealent, mortar, patio design or installation advice do call me via the site or register and leave me a question.

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